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My story started over 15 years ago with a true passion for electronic music.

As I experiment with several styles, play in different clubs for different events throughout Europe, my influences are constantly evolving and changing through various rhythms, whether I play a DJ Set or a Live Set.

Beyond turntables and synthesizers, I’ve always had a great fondness for ethnic instruments and sounds. Today, I incorporate this into my music by evolving towards a slower and more upbeat tempo. My current style is a combination of world music and electronic sounds.



In 2018, I launched my first independent single to mark the beginning of a new project called R.B.L.O. with the track “Wise Spirit”


In 2019, I released my track “The Portal” in the compilation Tropical Bangers II produced by the Portuguese label called Ohxala Records.


Based in Lausanne in Switzerland, I continue to explore these sounds by traveling across the globe, sharing and discovering through them.