Desire EP

Desire EP

We are all driven by desires.
Desires from the body, the mind and the soul.

Desire EP is a composition inspired by Music, Bodies surrounded by Nature.

A journey between earth and sky.

Released October 16, 2020

Produced by R.B.L.O.
Mastered by Pobla Studio
Cover art @naomiamberdaw

R.B.L.O. – The Portal

R.B.L.O. - The Portal

Welcome to another sound journey around the world.


Kuumba, DILOB, Dandara, Kurup & Jaçira, Caucenus, SLVN, Flembaz, Inti Nahual, Santi D, Zuma Dionys, Artimpakt & MARQS, Psycho Tropiques, Shrumate, AmuAmu, Enigmatic, Le Vold, Luis M, Mazze, Mixwell, Cano Guru & The Purple Boy, RBLO and Urucum.

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